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WATCH: Over 40 cars crash on snowy Michigan highway

WATCH: Over 40 cars crash on snowy Michigan highway
  • Now Playing: The NYPD is preparing an unprecedented security operation for New Year’s Eve

  • Now Playing: Deadly apartment fire in the Bronx kills at least 12

  • Now Playing: Over 40 cars crash on snowy Michigan highway

  • Now Playing: Grieving family shamed for not putting up Christmas decorations in anonymous note

  • Now Playing: Video shows police rescue of baby

  • Now Playing: Survivors describe their escape from deadly Bronx fire

  • Now Playing: Rare celestial phenomenon to light up the night sky in 2018

  • Now Playing: ‘Grandpa’ hilariously babysits daughter’s dog

  • Now Playing: Woman falls during proposal at Rockefeller Center

  • Now Playing: Branch Davidian follower calls 911 as ATF raids compound: ‘There are children and women in here!’

  • Now Playing: Massive fire that killed 12 started by child playing with stove

  • Now Playing: People throw boiling water into freezing air to prove how cold it is

  • Now Playing: 12 dead in massive New York City apartment fire

  • Now Playing: Disney launches ‘Magic of Storytelling’ campaign

  • Now Playing: How to get a new look for the new year

  • Now Playing: NYC supper club chef shares New Year’s Eve menu

  • Now Playing: Ryan Seacrest donates a coat to the Burlington Coat Drive live on ‘GMA’

  • Now Playing: Expert tips on how to declutter and reorganize your home in 2018

  • Now Playing: Tips for scoring the best deals with New Year’s promotions

  • Now Playing: Singer speaks out on Corey Lewandowski sexual assault allegation

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