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Two reportedly stabbed at Mall of America in Minnesota

Two reportedly stabbed at Mall of America in Minnesota

Two men were stabbed during a thwarted theft at the Mall of America in Minnesota just before its 7 p.m. closing time on Sunday night.

Bloomington Police were dispatched to the men’s department of the mall’s Macy’s department store following reports of a stabbing, Chief Jeff Potts said during a press conference later Sunday night. It was soon realized the situation was an interrupted theft, according to the cop.

The stabbing suspect went into someone else’s dressing room in an attempt to steal that person’s property, Potts said. The victim confronted the suspect, who then pulled out a knife and stabbed the property owner during their confrontation.

Police said the victim began to yell, and that’s when his family responded and assisted him. The second stabbing victim, believed to be a family member or close friend, was wounded by the suspect when he went to assist in the confrontation.

Kim Schwieters told the Star Tribune she and her children were visiting Santa Claus outside of the Macy’s entrance when she saw two police officers run toward the department store, before more cops started running with their guns drawn.

“My daughter could see people lying on the ground who had been stabbed,” Schwieters said, and added police told everyone to leave the area before they closed the store.

The two victims were transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where Bloomington Police said they have non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect is in custody with what looked to be minor, superficial wounds, the police chief said.

Nicole Darrah covers breaking news for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter @nicoledarrah.

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