Frozen giants: 40 dramatic photos of icebergs

Formed after breaking off from glaciers or ice shelves, icebergs travel great distances while floating on water. Most of them float harmlessly on the oceans and bays, but sometimes they come close to coastal settlements. Take a look at some imposing photographs of icebergs from around the world.  (Pictured) A massive iceberg floats close to Innaarsuit, Greenland.

Today in History: July 14

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Photos: Donald Trump’s Europe tour

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Today in History: July 13

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Today in History: July 12

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Fox stuck on iceberg rescued, revived by Canadian crabbers

People | When crab fishermen Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell and Alan Russell set out off the coast of Labrador, Canada, early Friday, June 22, it was pretty much a morning like any other. “We were off to a late start,” Harrigan tells PEOPLE, “but there had been an unusual amount of ice that prevented us from getting out.” The Northern Swan’s crew set their gear and powered onward to Pincent’s Arm, a small coastal town of Newfoundland and Labrador, in order to refuel. It was then, approximately 4 miles from land, that they spotted something unusual on a piece of ice. “It was a small artic fox,” recalls Harrigan. She suspects he became stranded on the iceberg while hunting for food. © Mallory Harrigan

Nuclear weapons: 14 confusing terms and what they actually mean

Nuclear weapons are humankind’s most fearsome creations. In a matter of minutes, one nuclear-armed nation can level dozens of cities, spread radioactive fallout for hundreds or thousands of miles, and wreck Earth’s climate. Most people are familiar with the basics: Slap together enough uranium or plutonium and – kaboom! – you have a nuclear blast. But the details of how these complex devices are made, delivered, and controlled can make the difference between keeping the peace and sparking a cataclysm. It doesn’t help that there’s more than 60 years’ worth of convoluted terminology surrounding the complex policies and politics of nuclear weapons. There are words like isotopes, tritium, and yellowcake; abbreviations such as HEU, LEU, SSBN, and CVID; ...

Today in History: July 9

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Today in History: July 8

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Angelina calling off Brad Pitt divorce? What’s really going on

Angelina Jolie is calling off her divorce from Brad Pitt, according to a shocking story from Globe. The magazine reports she’s ready to reunite with her estranged husband out of desperation. In the wake of a judge warning Jolie she could lose physical custody of their kids if she doesn’t facilitate a better relationship between the children and their father, the outlet explains the actress believes the only way to keep full custody of her kids is to get back together with Pitt and stop their divorce proceedings. “She’s doing her best to mend her fractured relationship with Brad and become a family again,” reveals an insider. But while the publication describes Jolie as “blindsided” by the judge’s ruling and in a panic over future access to he...

Ranking Marvel movies, worst to best

With “Avengers: Infinity War” breaking box office records the world over, Marvel is at the top of the superhero game. The multi-hero blockbuster makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe the highest-grossing franchise of all time, and with another three films slated for 2019 release, they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially began in 2007 with the release of “Iron Man,” Marvel has been in the movie business since 1986—with the release of the critical flop turned fan-favorite “Howard the Duck.” Putting revenues aside, which heroes have been the most popular with fans? Has the dawn of the MCU given them more to celebrate, or has the glut of superhero movies led to “Avenger fatigue?” Using data from IMDb, Stacker has assembled a ranking of every live-a...

Today in History: July 7

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