Are you hoping to get some extra sleep on Thanksgiving morning without sacrificing a yummy turkey for your guests?

Take it from Rach — don’t cook the whole turkey!

“I never cook a whole turkey,” Rach says. “I always spatchcock them.”

What does that mean? Essentially, it means removing the backbone of the bird.

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Rach suggests cutting along each side of the spine with poultry shears, a cleaver or a large chef’s knife before you roast it — and then laying the bird flat for cooking.

“It’ll have a quicker cooking time,” Rach stresses. “I cook a 14-pound turkey in just about two hours.”

“[And] it’s the only way you can evenly cook white meat and dark meat,” she continues.

If you’d rather cook a whole turkey, though — tradition is tradition! — Rach shows you how to carve it in the video above, too!

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