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Millennials Have Identified the Threat – and It’s Us

X Story Stream recent articles Intriguing tidbits from the week in election surveys and public opinion polls: Millennials Have Identified the Threat: Turns out it’s us. The Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics released the 34th edition of its survey “Young Americans’ Attitudes Toward Politics and Public Service” this week. Among the key findings: 67 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds are fearful about the future of America. Forty-four percent say the idea of the American dream is dead to them. Only 29 percent agree that America is “the last, best hope of man on earth,” while 29 percent disagree. When asked “What is the greatest threat to America today?” 16 percent cited ISIS, followed by President Trump (12 percent), ourselves/ignorance (9 percent), racism (5 percent), lack of civilit...

NBC Desperate to Expunge the Lauer Era

By Friday evening, for the employees of NBC News and sister network MSNBC, it was about time for a drink. At P.J. Clarke’s, near Lincoln Center, Morning Joe’s Willie Geist was co-hosting his annual holiday party for friends and colleagues. Blocks away, at the Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel, Morning Joe and Today regular Donny Deutsch threw himself a 60s-themed 60th birthday where MSNBC President Phil Griffin and on-air talent Hoda Kotb, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and John Heilemann chitchatted beneath blown up photos of Raquel Welch and Ursula Andress. The words “F*%# the sixties” were emblazoned in black script upon the red acrylic dance floor. Read Full Article »

Men Must Name Names

Male members of Congress have acknowledged there is more to be done about sexual harassment on Capitol Hill. But one area where their silence has been deafening is their hesitation to name publicly their colleagues who have been accused of such behavior. Read Full Article »

Exploring the Bonds of Judaism and Conservatism

X Story Stream recent articles Last Sunday, in New York City, the Jewish Leadership Conference held its “Inaugural Conference on Jews and Conservatism.” The one-day event attracted some 400 participants from around the country and from Canada, Mexico, and Israel. It featured prominent scholars, educators, policy professionals, and leaders from religion and politics, along with a rousing concluding keynote address by Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer. The conference is part of the JLC’s ambitious effort to fortify American Judaism and American conservatism by forging an alliance between them. It is a welcome undertaking since Judaism and conservatism share a fundamental interest in reconciling faith and liberty. It is also fraught with perplexities because both Judaism and conservatism are simu...

Jerusalem to Pay Price for Trump’s Ignorance

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Jerusalem, Now and Eternal

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‘Evil’ Tax Cuts? Nope, It’s Blue-State Panic

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File Ah, the holiday season. It’s a magical time, bursting with joy and merriment, the laughter of children, jolly parties, twinkling lights, mildly terrifying mall-dwelling Santas . . . and the faint sounds of caterwauling blue-state politicians shrieking that the GOP tax bill signals the end of civilization as we know it. Can you hear it? Fire and brimstone! The weeping and gnashing of teeth! According to Nancy Pelosi, this reshuffling of government regulations amounts to Armageddon and the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress. California governor Jerry Brown labeled the tax bill evil in the extreme … Read Full Article »

GOP Passing Its Unpopular Agenda Is Bad for Democracy

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Tax experts are in widespread agreement that the GOP tax cuts are bad policy — a giveaway to the rich paid for by the middle class and poor, with little upside for the economy. But Congress writes legislation that experts hate all the time. What’s really striking is that the people Congress is supposed to represent also hate the GOP tax cuts, with only around 30 percent of Americans expressing approval. Read Full Article »

President Trump Starts to Rack Up Wins

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What Conyers’ Resignation Means for the Black Caucus

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, file John Conyers’s announcement, on Monday, that he would retire immediately from Congress, amid allegations of sexual misconduct, provided a jarring punctuation to his tenure. At eighty-eight, Conyers was the longest-serving active member of Congress, having represented his district since 1965, the year that the Voting Rights Act was signed. Earlier this year, the film “Detroit” depicted his attempts to defuse the riots   Read Full Article »