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Ed Werder Accuses Sports Illustrated Writer of Sexism Against Men

Ed Werder Accuses Sports Illustrated Writer of Sexism Against Men

Ed Werder Accuses SI Writer of Sexism … Against Men

6/18/2018 8:43 AM PDT

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Ex-ESPN reporter Ed Werder is calling out a Sports Illustrated writer — claiming her hiring practices are completely unfair … because she’s discriminating against MEN. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Here’s the deal … SI tweeted out an ad looking for an entry-level news writer — which was retweeted by SI senior writer Charlotte Wilder, who added the following caption: 

“If you can stand sitting near me in the office this is a v cool opportunity. Especially if you’re a woman trying to get into sports, you should message me — DMs are open.”

Werder had a big problem with Wilder’s post … saying, “So men need not apply? Any others ineligible?”

Wilder responded, “Oh WOW you’re right, Ed, sorry for attempting to make sports media more than 10% female, my bad.”

Werder: “I just always associated SI with hiring the best regardless of race, sex and other factors.”

The conversation went on. Someone later asked Ed why he was so upset. He responded:

“Because next week I’m going to be standing in front of a broadcasting class of young people and some will be males and I have to tell them they have the same chance at jobs like those one as all others.”

Before you get upset … one of Ed’s former ESPN colleague, Mina Kimes — a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine — chimed in and basically spelled it out for him. 

“Encouraging women to apply for a position isn’t the same thing as ‘excluding’ men. it’s helping female applicants network, which can be a challenge given the massive gender imbalance in our industry (which I’m sure you know exists).”

And that … was that. 

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